ozman mixit
1991 Professor Oz : "Prof Oz EP" (12", ADSR)
Too deep & electro for that time in Paris, exclusively techno but i'm still proud of it (thank you olivier le castor)!! Limited to 1000.

stephane malca next to you
1994 FFF (4 remixes by Professor Oz) (4x12", Epic)
4 exclusive Oz titles released on 2 series of 4 records each, do not miss those !

aleem filtri 2000
1995 Professor Oz : "Feel the bass" (12", Pro-Zak Trax)The first EP on Pro-Zak Trax. Limited to 1000.

sweet belair
1996 Aleëm : "Filtri organi" (12", Deconstruction)
Limited to 5000

sweet belair
1996 Aleëm : "Annual II - Ministry Of Sound" (2xCD compilation, Ministry Of Sound)
The famous compilation sold at 700.000 copies including 450.000 double CD packs, which spreads the sound a lot (but doesn't pay), mixed by two unmissable scoundrels, Boy George & Pete Tong.

aleem sound season
1996 Aleëm : "Sound season" (2xLP, Pro-Zak Trax)

1997 The french house fever filtri organi

vendetta house fruits Vol2filtri organi

ozman mixit1997 Ozman "Mixit" (compilation CD, Mixit)
Another formation with E. Claude from Aleëm. Only one track released.
3000 ex??
ozman mixit
1997 Furry logic Ozman"ouizit"
ozman mixit
1997 Compil. Belclub Aleem Filtri Organi
stephane malca next to you
Stéphane Malca : "Next to you", production by Professor Oz (CD/2xLP, Pro-Zak Trax)
aleem filtri 2000
Aleëm : "Filtri 2000" (12", Pro-Zak Trax)
And soon "Filtri 2010"... and "Filtri 2025"... and...
aleem filtri 2000
2000 Compilatrax 1 "third millenium trax" extract from the album "ONE"
nutropic2001 Nutropic
2 tracks mixed and produced by prof. oz
Find it

2001 Professor Oz : "Waves & sun"
(12", Pro-Zak Trax)
An Ep to push the album with two remixes from R. Dorfmeister & Grant Phabao... !) 1000 ex.

aleem filtri 2000
2001 Compilatrax 2 "thin limit" extract from the album"ONE"

2001 Professor Oz : "One" (CD, Pro-Zak Trax/Barclay)
Compared to that production, "Titanic" is like an advertisment for the "Lassie" show. Thousands of hours of work, years of composition, billions dollars of numerous studios, see the Guiness Book.

2001 trax sampler 47

2001 Professor Oz : "Waves & sun"
(Pro-Zak Trax/Barclay)
The CD distributed by the fat one with a bonus track from the album, "The Visualizer". Number of copies??

2002 Professor Oz : "One"
(2xLP) Issued in August, 1 year after the CD!
The vinyl edition, at least, with 5 tracks less.

compilation dub selector 2 Prof Oz Waves & Sun Remix Grant Phabao

2002 compilation Dream Therapy Prof Oz Waves & Sun Remix

2002 compilation Undiscovered World 1 Prof Oz Waves & Sun Remix

2002 compilation Aphrodisiac 4 Prof Oz Waves & Sun Remix R.Dorfmeister 2 X CD + 3 X LP

2003 compilation King size dub 9 Prof Oz Waves & Sun Remix

2004 Professor Oz et Microlive mini LP (CD, autoprod)
a singer,NéLO , a sax / flûte Sylvain Fétis, a percussionist Meyvelian
Jacquot , & Bruno casties with guitars.

remix from Thomas Tousaint under Equal musik
with guests remixers from missive , rinocerose , Jack de Marseille , etc...

Prof Oz "Paradise express" first only numeric release Manuskript Record in Ukrainia

Musik for Film On the Label burning bowl records

2013 All 14 Tracks composed by prof Oz but n°5 by Mr Claude

2014 Another 7 tracks by Professor Oz + 8 by Gael Brusselers


Album " touché " by Nélo aka Mag de Bretagne

Eight new low beat ambiant tracks by prof Oz

Album "Manouche Deluxe" by Que Pasa

2016 Vinyl "higher" by Marguerite with remixes from Charles webster and more

2016 Last 4 ambient track by prof Oz

First release CD 4 titles by The Claret Cat "The Sun"

Remixes from "The Sun" , by Charles Webster and Facettes Vinyl & Digital.

January , second claret cat's track on Miam Records, only digital, "Beautiful".

2018 Remixes from Beautiful digital release, "Beautiful"

2018 "Waves" , crazy new release by the Claret cat, Dig release.

New Digital release by Prof Oz, "Weinstein's odysee"

New Claret Cat And Mr Claude's track , "UP", with remix from Sambossa.

2022 Last track by The Claret Cat , "Flowers Of Doubt" additionnals beats and Fx by prof Oz with remixes from OTO and Sambossa.

Last Prof Oz digital release , ZOZZ EP.

YOU KNOW THE KEY E.P. By Professor Oz

2022 Marcia's first release with Professor Oz:
HEAVEN with remixes from OTO , Mr Claude & Prof Oz.

Family release , TWISTING , with Janis and Marcia singing and SuperSlap Bass from Jean Bisello !