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My daughters Marcia & Janis1 , ...2... , 3 , Thomas, Agathe, nina ,Guarance, Arthur, Lola, Emilia, Georges, Margot, Mehdi, Igor, Mackeda, Hippolyte, Eve, andréa, anna, paul, jules, annabel, léo, Juliette 1 , Leelou, Mathias , Ayrine... let me know for the new releases !!

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All-Time TOP 12

01. AFRIKA BAMBATTA "Planète rock"
02. KRAFTWERK "Men machine"
03. NEWCLEUS "Computer age"
04. ZER-O "Real time"
05. YELLO "Pinball cha cha"
07. ZAPP more bounce to the ounce
09. DEEP DISH "The dream"
10. SUENO LATINO "Sueno latino"
11. THOMAS DOLBY "The key to her ferrari" (on the l'album "Aliens ate my buick")
12. EDITH PIAF "L'homme à la moto" © 2003 T.I.M.E.C. [Website by Djouls - Graphics by 4mika]

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