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Professor Oz was born on the 21th of august, 1967 in Strasbourg. He fastly improvises himself as a Dj for birthday or friendly parties, when comes a day, under the influence of many elements, when he puts in his head the idea of becoming a musician. He then starts programming B.A.R. & singing in an alternative rock band. Considering the fact that, at this time in Strasbourg, getting your hands on a MIDI plug was like going fishing in the woods, his task was not an easy one but he finally got it and subsequently released his first EP in 1991, on ADSR, the label of a visionnary parisian called "Olivier le castor". Then came a big period of inspiration research, travelling through Switzerland, following the famous Couleur 3 radio team over their fabulous parties in wonderful locations, through Germany with the extremists from the south, London, Spain without forgetting the nights in Paris like SOMA, Time Out, Nostromo, etc.

1994, he meets Brad Scott, musical leader of Arthur H.'s band & works with both of them on an album, before crossing ways with Niktus, bassist for F.F.F., for whom Professor Oz does remixes.

He discovers the Pro-Zak Trax team in 1995 (beginners at the time, under BMG's sponsorship) and gets involved in the Aleëm project during 3 years, with dj mixes in prestigious locations like the Ministry Of Sound, the Oman Park in Istanbul (first turkish rave!!) & the usuals suspects: BainsRexQueenGibus, La Terraza (live) etc.
Aleem's album, "Sound season", will soon become cult with its dancefloor filler "Filtri organi", which has been danced to by millions of feets, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of the "Annual II" Ministry Of Sound compilation sold, mixed by Boy George & Pete Tong.

He then leaves Paris, to go to Austria for 3 years where he meets Richard Dorfmeister (G stone), and his neighbour Sugar B. (Swound) with his "verlange wohnzimmer". He will produce there some good trax, never relased until now (each month an exclusive and unreleased track from Professor Oz will be downloadable on this site).

In 1998 he gets from Pro-Zak Trax a "white card" on the sunking Stephane Malca's album "Next to you". On the 27th of April his daughter Marcia sees the light .

In 2000 he composes "One", which was supposed to be called "100%" but Johnny Hallyday was faster ("Sang pour sang"!)... This first solo album was made under the influence of bands like: Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaata, Newcleus, Prince Charles, Cabaret Voltaire, Brass construction, Zapp, George Clinton & all the others...
2001 is the year of his first website and real meeting the Timec team, (Djouls).

2003-2004 ,working on a minialbum called" Microlive " , few gigs in nouveau casino, trypthique included Wave&sun,released in 2008 on thecompilation , "Musik for film" by burning Bowl Records.

2005, 11 January, is Janis's Birth who's gonna give the power for the new album under the name of "Nélo" . Starting Athomes studio and realising music for advertising,short films ,sound design.

2006, composing music for films for Marlboro Classics .

2007 , finalisation from "touché" first album from Nélo with Bruno Casties on guitar , Frank Delassus on piano,Sylvain fétis with sax and guests like Patrick Bylebyl aka Seven Dub, Grant Phabao .Jean Marie Marié, Stephane Roch, Jean Yves David .

2008, meeting with the bande Qué Pasa trio , world music sounds like hispano-arabo-bonobo-franco-belgium...yes.....

Releasing" Paradise Express EP" on Ukrainian Label Manuscript Records.

begining 2010, work on progress for Qué pasa 's live act + an 12 titles album Electro World.

2011 Finishing Nélo's album with Emmanuel Claude

2012 LE CLIP The Little Song By QUE PASA
Images du tournage

April 2013 creating the Label Miam Records
First vidéoclip from the label, directed by Charles labriet

Juin 2013 Professor Oz In the Mix au festival Glastonbury.

Mach 2013 few pics for a nice track by que pasa "à mon pere

April 2014 - little journey ,Charly to Charly "a perfect day"
by Panoramic

July 2014 - Le Clip de Nélo, "Comment te dire Adieu"
Par Charles Beribeau

Working between 2010 and 2015 for Advertising With Brands like Nissan, Lalique, adidas and more.

february 2016 , First vinyl from Marguerite , with voice from Nélo aka MAg De Bretagne with remixes from teas2 aka Teas Dub, Mr Claude, G Prod, Charles webster and Ocean gaya

Releasing in march 2016 the first "The Claret Cat E.P" The Sun with remixes from Grant Phabao, Emmanuel Claude and Professor Oz.
Followed by The Sun Remixes with tracks from facettes aka discotheque fantastique and Charles Webster, second Vinyl From Miam Records available here.

March 2016 - Releasing the vidéoclip from The Claret Cat,"the Sun"
filmed in the 18th district in Paris

2017, The Claret Cat "Beautifull" followed by
Beautifull remixes, with tracks from, discotheque fantastique, Toni Lionni and Steven Wobblejay.

January 2017 New clip by The Claret Cat "Beautifull" shooting in Nantes directed by Sherkan

Composing ( 30 tracks ) buddhabar and buddhatittude compilations between 2015-2018.

July 2018 Releasing The Claret Cat "Waves" incredible electro psychedelik track. All track covers from The Claret Cat are handmade by Lilian.

August 2018 OUT: 2 new tracks From Marguerite , aka Prof Oz + Guests, wonderfull Mai Mismetti, fabulous Marcia & Magnificent Janis !

March 2021 "UP" by the Claret Cat + Sambossaz's excellent remix !New town new life, Miam records is now acting at Kawati studios


February 2022 The next release from The Claret Cat Flowers of Doubt with remixes from OTO & Sambossa aka Salam Razaf.

March 2022 Zozz E.P. by Professor Oz, 2 new fresh tracks!!

Actualy producing with Miam Records an E.P. for Marcia, blues, rock, country , folk + more projects electro.

Relasing in June 2022, You know the key E.P.
By Professor Oz

NL contest, small clip, just for my friend Noemie.

July 2022. Marcia's first release with Professor Oz:
HEAVEN with remixes from OTO, Mr Claude et Prof Oz.

Family release, TWISTING , with Janis and Marcia singing and SuperSlap Bass from Jean Bisello !

Marcia's first solo release, A ROAD TO NOWHERE, recorded at Kawati Studio, aranged and mixed by Benjamin Moreau, Guitare by Jean loup Seeman.