UHaving some gear problem?

Need a technical advice? Which sampler should you buy? Which RAM for your EMU?

For any question on price, argus, disponibility, use, fonctionality (etc.), on all the gear listed on this page.....

Just ask the Professor Oz by e-mail !

Professor Oz' gear listing:

Mac Pro Xéon
Apogée Ensemble
Adam A8X + Adam sub 12
Cubase Sx6 , Logic 9
Korg DVP1 vocoder
Roland SDE2000 delay
Lexicon PCM60 reverb
Yamaha Pro R3
Alesis quadraverb multi fx
Drawmer DL241 compresseur
DBX166 compresseur
Emu E64 sampler
Emu Esynth sampler
Micro modular system
Casio FZ1 sampler
Korg POLYSIX synth vintage
Korg MS20 synth vintage
Allen & Heath GS332 mixing deck
Emu proformance piano module...
PC computer (hum , pour le net et les jeux...voila, sinon...)
Software : Cubase, CoolEdit, Protools, etc.
Motu 828 firewire
Opcode Midiport 96
Focusrite liquidmix
Roland Spd s